Call for Proposals

OKBQA-5 is organized as an open forum for collaborative development of software, data sets, specifications, and so on, for knowledge bases and question answering systems. The program will consist of a one-day symposium and a 3-day hackathon, plus a one-day tutorial. The one-day symposium is planned to be a venue for exchanging novel and cutting-edge ideas and visions for the hackathon and the future of the community. For the program of the symposium, and for creative collaboration during hackathon, we solicit proposals for contribution.
The submissions will be reviewed to determine their suitability for OKBQA-5. The accepted proposals will be given a chance to be presented for the symposium. We expect successful proposals to find interested participants who will collaborate on them during the hackathon. Excellent proposals will be awarded with travel support (detailed will be announced soon).
  • Submission due: 30th April, 2017
  • Acceptance/Award Notification : 8th May, 2017
The types of contributions, to be written in the proposal, may include, but not be limited to
  • new idea for QA systems
  • new application of QA systems
  • new modules for QA systems
  • new idea for KB systems
  • new data for KB systems
  • ...
Note that the development in the OKBQA community has been materialized around the OKBQA framework, and we hope the practice not to be diverged too much unless there is a strong reason for it. Therefore, proposals which show good connection with current OKBQA framework will be preferred. For detailed of the OKBQA framework, please take a look at the OKBQA-hub site.

Prospective contributors are asked to submit a document in free format, which should include: 
  • The author information (name, affiliation, and e-mail address), 
  • The title, and the proposal content itself.
  • reference to relevant publications or web pages if any, and
  • license policy (Creative Commons preferred)
Alternatively, and more ideally, a homepage may be prepared with descriptions of all the above aspects. In the case, simply the URL of the homepage can be submitted.
A submission shall be a PDF file.

It is expected that successful proposals shall present
  • novelty
  • feasibility
  • proof-of-concept examples
For each accepted proposal, it is expected that at least one author shall attend the OKBQA-5 symposium and hackathon to present and implement it.